Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Life running bad, poker running good

Due to some fairly serious family health issues, I haven’t been able to play much poker lately. Fortunately, I’ve made the most of what few opportunities I’ve had. I cashed in a Stars multi and 4 consecutive SnG’s (3,2,2,1) and also tore up the PLO and NLHE cash games. During my last trip to Harrah’s, I played 2/5 NLHE and doubled my buy-in within a couple hours. My big hand was basically a no-brainer, dream situation. UTG nearly raises to $20 but then decides to limp, one more limper and then I raise to $25 OTB. It folds to UTG and he makes it $75, limper folds, I act weak for a little bit and then stack my two black chips between my two tall red stacks and push them in. He insta-calls and proudly rolls over KK before grimacing at my AA. Why can’t it always work like that?!


Blogger GrantMasterFlash said...

Why did you act weak? Don't you think you are too much away by doing that?

He's calling with KK preflop anyways though, right?

11:38 AM  

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