Sunday, March 19, 2006

Still Running Good in PLO!

I don't know what it is about PLO, but the cards are falling my way the majority of the time. Take this hand for example: My nuts on the flop are a dog (37/63) yet my hand holds up! That sounds kind of funny, yet often the nuts are not really the nuts in Omaha. Think about that if you are not familiar with the game.

This is such a nice change compared to LHE. Time and time again the donkeys would hit their (insert number from 2 to 7 here) outer that I suffered a horrific 300 BB downer. In fact, I'm running so good now that I've recovered nearly all of my LHE losses in just a few thousand hands of PLO. One thing that I learned from that experience is that it takes a very, very long time to reach the "long run" in poker. It's at least 100,000 hands, maybe 200,000. If I were a full time poker pro, I would want 500 BB's or more in my warchest to combat the variance. And that's at full ring games!


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