Monday, May 29, 2006

Blogger Poker Tour WSOP Freeroll

Last week I came across the Blogger Poker Tour hosted by and played in the WSOP freeroll qualifier on Saturday. The top 4 finishers each week move on to the final event (I placed 4th) where the winner receives a main event WSOP seat (and several other places pay nice prizes like monitors and iPods). There a three great things about these events. 1. They are free! 2. The prizes are good. 3. The fields are small! There were only about 40 runners in Saturday's freeroll and the final event is capped at 50 players! Yes, just 50 players! How refreshing not to have to beat 569,900 monkeys in one of these things! All you have to do to join the tour is sign up and post a banner on your blog.


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