Monday, May 08, 2006

Fun at Harrah's poker room

I met my brother and dad at Harrah's for the Prime Rib and Shrimp buffet, which was delightful, especially at half-price. After eating a mountain of shrimp, it was time to go to the ATM machine known as the poker room.

Here are some hands I witnessed/played:

2/5 NLHE. EP raises to $15, MP calls, everybody else folds. FLOP: Ah7h8c, EP bets $30 and MP calls. TURN: 2h, check-check, RIVER: Th, EP bets $50, MP raises to $120, EP goes all-in and MP calls off the rest of his $150 stack with Qh5h vs AcKh. My favorite part of that hand is MP’s check on the turn to give his opponent infinite odds to draw and beat him. Sklansky’s head just blew up!

3/6 LHE. Two limpers and I raise OTB with TT, SB folds, BB and limpers call. FLOP: Tc5s6c, it checks to me, I bet and all 3 call. TURN: 8c, BB and EP check, MP bets, I call, BB calls, EP raises and MP re-raises! I fold in disgust (Boo me, I had odds to call), BB calls and shows me and the player directly to his right Kc9c, EP caps and they both call. RIVER: 9s, BB checks, EP bets, MP raises, BB calls, EP re-raises, MP caps, BB calls and EP calls. EP delightfully tables Ac5c and MP shows Jc7s. That’s right, just a straight. He misread his hand for a flush which, even if he would have had, is still a major donkey play.

3/6 LHE. LP raises to $6 and is all-in (LOL), I re-raise to $9 with AA, SB folds and BB calls. FLOP: TJJ, BB checks, I bet and he calls. TURN: 8, he checks, I bet and he calls. RIVER: K, he checks, I bet and he reluctantly calls with QJ??? I show my AA and he says, “I was worried, there were a lot of ways I could have been beat there.” HUH?! Nice hand sir.

Despite some misfortune, I still had a profitable night.


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