Friday, August 11, 2006

SnG Heater

Bored with ring games and pressed for time, I've gone back to single table (and some double) SnG's. My plan is simple: 1) be patient and solid early, 2) jam when the blinds get outrageous and 3) play for 1st place.

I could care less about ITM stats. I focus solely on ROI because that's what ultimately matters, just like in the investment world.

As in all tourneys, bubble play is very important. The goal is to be aggressive and accumulate chips from weakish opponents, not merely survive (in most situations anyway). I'll also make some huge calls if I have a decent hand and feel like my opponent is on air. Example:

Down to 4 and it folds to the chip leader in SB who jams, just like last orbit (I folded rags that time). I'm 2nd in chips and have KQo in BB. Now, I hate going broke with this over-rated hand but here it's a must call. His range is huge and nobody is really short-stacked and on the verge of busting out. Regardless, doubling up at this stage would give me a significant advantage and a good shot at 1st. It didn't work out this time, but calling is the correct thing to do in that spot.