Sunday, April 01, 2007

Poker Blows

Have you ever screamed so loud that you ruptured a blood vessel? That's basically what happens every time I play poker. It's insane how often I get sucked out on, run into coolers and miss monster draws. It happens so often that I just expect it...that's how bad poker blows. I'm at a point where I would rather bluff with garbage and get people to fold versus value betting good hands because I know that they won't hold up. Have you ever felt like this?

My therapy has been to play a bunch of short-handed, low-limit Holdem against passive opponents. I basically raise and re-raise any reasonable hand preflop while in position and continue the aggression post flop regardless of the board. So far, it has been fun and refreshing being a lag-tard versus my natural tendency to be somewhat tight and nitty. There is just something about raising every hand that gives you a sense of power and helps the tilt go away. If you are struggling with your game, I highly recommend pounding away on the low-limit short-handed games for a while.