Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Can't Win

Lack of poker posts recently = running very bad. I hate to whine or rant, but goddamit, I'm sick of losing! Losing is not fun! It doesn't matter how good I play or what game, I will lose to the biggest donkeys. For example, I just busted out of the PLO8 tourney with A456 on a 23J board after getting it all-in on the flop 3-ways with 50% equity. The turn and river were TJ and I got nada. So I go play some LHE, it folds to me OTB and I raise with TT. Only the BB calls and we see a K9x flop. He check/called my bet. The turn was a T and he check/raised; I re-raised with the 3rd nuts and he capped. The river didn't pair the board and I called his bet and got shown QJ of course. I swear, it's a fucking repeat of this shit every night.

Okay, that's the end of my rant. You will see no posts here again until I'm running better. If you must see more of me, check out my investment blog where I've been profiling one of the best stock opportunities that I've ever seen.


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