Friday, December 15, 2006

Fickle Poker

I haven’t had much time for poker lately but I did get the chance to play 3 donkaments on Wednesday night. I sat down and decided to play whatever donkaments were starting next on Stars and Tilt. They were NLHE and HORSE.

In the first NLHE tourney I got a good stack of chips all-in preflop with KK and was called by two donks with AQo and A6s - ace on the flop of course. In the second, it was nearing the bubble and I pushed with AK. The big stack called with 33 and I flopped a K, but my opponent hit running spades for crappy flush. In the HORSE, I played great, winning some big pots in LO8 (A46Jds made nut flush and 2nd nut low) and Razz (65 vs 75). But then I lost a big pot in Stud Hi/Lo with a pair of 5’s and a 6 low to a rivered wheel. Shortly after that I raised a limper with AJo and the flop came AKJ. My opponent led out, I raised and he 3-bet. I only had a couple more bets left and of course he had QT.

I’ve never felt better about my game so hopefully I’ll make some decent scores soon.


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