Monday, September 18, 2006

Poker and NFL Musings

The dirty whore continues to treat me poorly!

When you have a pair of aces, nut flush draw and open-ended straight draw in PLO, you don’t expect to lose all your tourney chips to second-nut flush draw and a gutshot, but alas I found a way in the Stars re-buy.

Paradise Poker entered me in a $10K freeroll on Saturday with 350 donkeys, and of those only about half showed up. One of the funniest things I witness in online poker is when a player doesn’t realize that his opponent is sitting out, limps in, then checks it down and loses! HA! HA! HA! That is the ultimate in wimpy play! How ignorant can you be?! I stole time and time again, but the most annoying thing continued happening. Every time I won a pot, the software would crash and I’d have to log back in! Yes, every goddamn time! I nearly quite except I wanted to make a couple thousand and since Paradise has the worst players on the planet, I liked my chances even though I’ve been running ice cold for a couple months. Unfortunately, I jammed on the button with A5o and the BB called with QTo and hit a runner-runner straight near the bubble. Fuck you dirty whore!

At least my NFL picks are paying. I took the Eagles (-5) last week against the pathetic Texans, and the Chiefs (+10.5) and unders (38) this week. Chiefs/Broncos games are almost always close and I knew Herm would give LJ the rock 25+ times and try to keep the score low. In addition, the Chiefs defense is vastly improved beyond consensus and Plummer is inconsistent and over-rated. Plus, right now Plummer’s head is in a fog because he’s worried about Cutler stealing his job.

A QB to watch out for in your fantasy keeper league is Oakland’s 6’6” 230 lb Andrew Walter. The guy replaced Brooks and looked very cool despite facing a tough Ravens defense and it being his first real NFL action. He threw some picks, but he looked 100 times better than Brooks ever has. This QB of the future should be the QB of the present.


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