Saturday, December 16, 2006

Another Final Table

I made the final table of the $6K Guaranteed PLO rebuy on UB last night. If my records are correct, I've played this tourney 8 times with 4 final table appearances, not bad.

It's kind of funny, I had just lost a big pot with the nut flush vs a straight flush right before the first break and almost didn't rebuy/add-on despite the nice overlay. That mistake would have cost me over $200 since I ended up taking 8th.

One of my key hands was on the bubble, 20 paid with 21 left. Blinds were 750/1500 and I had about 38K. It folds to me in SB with AKKT and I pot raise. BB thinks a bit and calls with slightly less than me. The flop comes A22, I pot, he insta-raises all-in with A335 and I call. The turn was a 2 and the river was a 4. Since you HAVE TO PLAY EXACTLY 2 CARDS FROM YOUR HAND AND 3 FROM THE BOARD, I have 2's full of K's and my opponent has 2's full of 3's. That put me up to about 74K, good for 4th at the time.

Sadly, I was pretty card dead the rest of the way and ended up going out with KKxx against the chip leader who called my preflop raise with KQJ6 and hit two pair (J6) on the turn. If I win that pot I'm 3rd in chips with a good shot to win. How many times have you heard THAT before?!


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