Thursday, December 08, 2005

How to parlay $10 into $300

Recently, Empire Poker (where I don't play anymore) put a free $10 into my account, so I decide to try and parlay it at the No-Limit Holdem tables. My strategy at first is to simply find a hand and play fast.

First stop, $25 table:

I fold trash for two orbits and then pick up KK in EP and raise to $1. An idiot directly to my left min raises to $2 and an LP player cold-calls. I jam for my remaining $8.30 and triple up versus JJ and AQ. Sweet!

Next orbit I raise one limper in LP with Ad-Kd and he calls. FLOP: As-Jd-6s and we get all-in. He has Ah-Qs and my hand holds up!

Next stop, $50 table:

I basically fold for 3 orbits and then limp with 55 in MP behind 2 limpers. Button wakes up and raises to $3. We all call. FLOP: Jd-9d-5s. Bingo! I bet $10 and button jams for $65. Both EP players fold and I can't call quickly enough. My set holds up against Ad-As.

Next stop, $100 table:

A couple orbits in I get tricky and raise 5s-6s to $3 UTG. Only button calls. FLOP: 2s-4c-9s, I bet $6 and button raises to $18. I jam and he types, "well you must have AA or KK" and folds, which means he had QQ. I'm now up to about $120.

Very next hand I see a free flop from BB with 7c-4c. FLOP: Js-7s-4h. I bet $4 and UTG (with only $50 behind) raises to $14. MP and SB fold and I jam. He calls with KK and my hand holds up again! Up to $175.

About 5 orbits later a pretty good MP player ($125 behind) opens for $3 and I just call on the button with Ah-Kh. The BB calls as well and we see a flop of Js-Th-3h. BB checks, MP bets $9, I raise to $35, BB folds and MP calls. TURN: 4s, check-check. RIVER: 9h, MP bets $30 and I push him all-in with the nuts. He thinks forever and finally calls with Ks-Qs. Time to go holiday shopping for the wife!


Blogger WillWonka said...


I liked your link to the emotional prep.

Emotional preparation means:
- Having your head screwed on firmly in the first place.
- TRULY caring more about making good decisions than winning
individual pots.
- Staying attuned to your own psyche, recognizing when your
resolve weakens, and then either restoring that resolve, or
quitting the game.

2:18 PM  
Blogger TripJax said...

Man that is bad ass. Nice job. Gotta love the donks...

9:21 PM  

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