Sunday, June 11, 2006

Little Poker

Life has been getting in the way of poker lately, namely the flu and more wifey surgery, but I do have a few things to say.

First of all, the PLO players over at Paradise Poker are the worst I've ever seen. Those guys love to get get stacked with bottom 2 pair on a straight flush board. I mean, they are truely awful.

Second, the PLO players over at Full Tilt Poker are nearly as bad as those at Paradise. Take this hand:

EP raises and 6 players cold call, including me OTB with JT78. The flop is an awesome Qx9c6x rainbow. EP leads out for $5 and 3 players call, then I bet the pot and 5 of us get all-in. Turn: 7c. River: 4c. I was up against AAxx, KKTx, TJxx and QTJx. Fortunately, one of the players with 2 clubs folded to my flop raise and I was able to take down this monster pot with my huge double open-ended straight draw! AAxx had the chance to make a big preflop raise out of the BB and didn't do it.

Finally, I'm going to pimp the rake-free poker room at World Sports Exchange again. The traffic is picking up a little which is good for the ring games, and if you are a small stakes tournament player, the $1000 guaranteed tourney is a great value with soft play. It typically has about 85-90 players so there is an overlay. I've played it twice and final-tabled it both times.


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