Friday, December 23, 2005

Value bet the donkey's to death!

After selecting a juicy table (and good table position) with the help of Poker Tracker and Poker Ace Hud, you're now in an excellent spot to pound the loose limpers with pre-flop raises and value bet them to death when you hit a hand. Here are a couple examples from my recent 10-handed, 5/10 game.

Donkey (60 VPIP - loose limper and calling station) directly to my right limps and I raise with 99, BB calls, donkey calls and we see a flop of T-6-4 rainbow. Checks to donkey and he bets, I raise, BB folds, donk calls. Turn: T, check-bet-call. River: 8, check-bet-call and he shows K2o. Maximum value!

Donkey (65 VPIP - loose station) two to my right open limps in MP, folds to me and I raise with QJo, yes, just QJo. Why, because I think I have the best hand and the blinds are passive. Only the donk calls and we see a flop of A-Q-7. Check-bet-call. Turn: 6, check-bet-call. River: T, check-bet-call and he shows Q9. Again, maximum value! Get the idea here?!

My 5 BB/100 win rate is probably unsustainable, but when I take my time and find the fish, get position on them and then exploit them again and again, maybe it's not?!


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