Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fun with a maniac!

I ran across a particularly insane maniac on the PLO tables last night and had an absolute blast. Just when I thought the tables at Paradise and Full Tilt were the best, here comes Party Poker back with a vengeance!

Said maniac had a 96% VPIP and bet or raised virtually every hand on every street! It was amazing and he was actually winning by getting super lucky! He increased his buy-in by 10-fold in the short while after I sat down at the table. I was licking my chops of course.

My first involvement with him was with AQQx on a Q23 flop. We get all-in and he had 2378 for the all-mighty bottom 2-pair, no draw hand, lol. Next came a hand were I had a big straight draw wrap and raised huge on the flop. He called me with nothing but bottom pair and overs! Yes, just bottom pair and no draws! Astounding play to say the least! Finally, I played a tricky hand with AA89ss and limped UTG. The maniac was two seats to my left and I knew he would raise, whereas if I raised before him, he would have just called. Sure enough, he raised the pot and several players called behind! I then put in the huge pot limp re-raise and isolated the maniac holding QQxx and took about half his stack after I flopped a set and he paid me off unimproved! He was gone a short while later after some more brilliant plays.


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