Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lady Luck Loves My Opponents

Well, I returned the call of the dirty whore last night and as feared she had her radar set squarely on my package. I played ring games for about 4 hours and never won a showdown, not one.

I started playing 3/6 LHE at Stars and found myself completely card dead for 30 minutes. Then, I picked up red nines on the button and raised a limper. BB called, the limper called and the flop came KhQhTh. The SB led out and the limper called. I thought, "Great, even if I hit the straight flush I'll lose!" So after an hour of hitting nothing I moved to the PLO $100 tables. Within a couple orbits I flopped the nut straight with an open-ended straight flush draw on a 7d8c9d board! Two people bet into me and I raised the pot. To my surprise, the villan to my left also jammed the pot and BB called! I was up against 9TJx with no re-draw and 99xx. The river paired of course and I got stacked.

I re-loaded since the table was juicy and soon hit a set of aces on an A96 rainbow board! We got all-in on the flop and he rivered a straight with 78Tx. Then, I go card dead for what seems like an eternity before I finally picked up a hand, double-suited kings. I flopped a set but a calling station called a pot bet on the flop with nothing but a gutshot and hit it on the turn. Did the Q really have to come on the turn there?! Guess so. The dirty whore has a lot of making up to do.


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