Thursday, January 19, 2006

B&M Action

Well, I made it to Ameristar last Friday night at about 6:00 p.m. and was a little sad when the 6/12 LHE list didn't fill up, so I had to stay at 3/6 or move all the way up to 15/30. I wimped out and stayed at my nice juicy table with 7 loose limpers and 1 LAG.

My session started off rough as I badly misplayed a hand that I would have won (gave my opponent too much credit) and then had to fold QQ on the turn when an A hit and I got raised. A couple of the players even started to tease me that I was weak. This didn't bother me though. I knew it was just a matter of time before I blasted the hell out of them. Sure enough, a couple orbits later one of the aformentioned teasers got into a raising war with me on a board of T-6-2 rainbow. He slowed down on the turn but paid off my KK with T8o. Nice hand sir.

The most interesting hand of the night went like this: 3 loose limpers to me and I call OTB with 9s-Ts. Blinds come along to see a flop of Qs-8s-2h. It checks to me and I bet to build a pot and weed out a few players. To my surprise, only 2 people call. Turn: 6d, it checks to me again and I bet. (Some would argue that checking here is correct and I think it's okay, but I prefer to bet b/c it forces my opponents to call AND win at showdown. In other words, for either of them to win, they have to call AND I have to miss my good draw. It gives me an additional way to win the pot. I also got the feeling like they didn't have anything.) Only 1 of them called and the river was the 3d. He checks again and I fire one last bet hoping that he would fold an A, low pair or busted draw. To my dismay he calls and says, "Two pair," showing 23o. Ahh, you played the powerful 23o, nh sir! This player went on to drop over $500 at the table and left saying, "I can't believe it, I usually win at this game." Bahahahaha.

As for me, I finished up $275 on the night :) I really need to play more B&M.


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