Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dealing with a large down-swing

I'm currently in the midst of a 100+ BB down-swing and as painfull as it is to talk are many of the key hands. Feel free to comment on any bad plays you see.
I re-raise a clueless player on the river and he actually had a hand, though he played it extremely poorly. He would play Kx the same way.
Same clueless player as above. I almost re-raised the river, putting him on QJ or TJ.
Maybe this was a poor river bet, but the donkey would have paid me off with any piece of the flop.
It's hard to put an opponent on a runner, runner flush.
Maybe I should have checked behind on the river but I put him on a lower pocket pair. What a passive donkey.
A large junk kicking by a donator.
Another kick in the junk by a feeder.
Just your basic suckout by an ATM machine.
Super annoying hand. At least the donkey played it poorly and saved me a couple bets.
A 2-outer by a massive donkey.
Looks familar doesn't it. Another 2-outer by a huge donkey with 55.
A huge brick on the river! Anybody go LAG and re-raise the turn?
Brick house again. Sing it with me! I'm a brick..........houuussseeeee.
Donkey calls one off on the flop with nothing and hits running trips.
A blind defense gone very, very bad. I should have just called preflop and then check raised the flop to try and take control of the hand.

Most of this down-swing is just variance, but it's very, very annoying. I hate losing to donkeys!! To take my mind off of these beats, I've been mixing in a little Omaha, O8 and NLHE tourneys with good results. However, I still plan to spend most of my poker time moving up the LHE food chain.


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